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I have many little peeves that make me want to smack people. One of them happened today when a sassy little freshman girl, right out of high school, started running her trap when the professor told us we would be done in 20 minutes. This was 40 minutes before the class is scheduled to be over! FIRST OF ALL, I understand its a 3 hour class however, you signed up for it knowing that. Secondly, we meet once a week, this is hardly enough time to learn an entire years worth of A&P in one semester. Third, this professor is the best I have ever had the privilege of learning from, so SHUT UP! I am so annoyed, I never acted like that as a freshman and would not do it now! How annoying, you little twerp, to sit there and complain when you JUST graduated from high school where you were in school for 8 hours everyday. Try working full time, raising a family, going to school full time & having a social life like many of the other students. OPPOSITE, you could never.

This photo exhibits how I feel about you.

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  1. jinxxmesomethingcrazy said: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What a fuggin’ twerp.
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